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From Jason van Zyl <jvan...@zenplex.com>
Subject Re: SAX classes in JAR wreaking havoc
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2002 19:20:52 GMT
On Mon, 2002-03-18 at 14:17, John Wilson wrote:
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> From: "Daniel Rall" <dlr@finemaltcoding.com>
> To: <rpc-dev@xml.apache.org>
> Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 6:41 PM
> Subject: Re: SAX classes in JAR wreaking havoc
> > Jason van Zyl <jvanzyl@zenplex.com> writes:
> >
> > > Why do have the SAX classes in our CVS? I just spent two hours tracking
> > > down a 'loader constraint violation' which was the result of having the
> > > SAX classes in the xmlrpc JAR. The package compiles just fine without
> > > them if you have xerces in your ANT_HOME/lib.
> >
> > Oooh, that's a fun one.  I've hit that too with Catalina.
> >
> > > If they need to be in the jar for embedded purposes can we please change
> > > the build so that we have a jar without the SAX classes? say xmlrpc.jar
> > > and xmlrpc-full.jar?
> >
> > I hate that -full crap -- let's do just one JAR.  John, I assume
> > removing the interfaces bytecode would cause run-time problems if they
> > were not present separately?  At the very least, we might want to
> > update them to a more recent version.
> We need a subset of the SAX 1 classes for a stand alone XML-RPC jar with
> MinML (the MinML distribution contains this subset). Note that moving to a
> later version of the SAX1 classes will cause deprecation warnings as the SAX
> 1 stuff has now been deprecated in favour of SAX2.
> At some point we might want to consider moving from SAX1 to SAX2 (and from
> MinML to MinML2). It buys us precisely nothing in terms of functionality but
> does not have any significant cost in terms of performance.

So what does this mean now? The presence of the classes are causing
problems. I thrown together a JAR without those classes to get the
Turbine builds working again but this is a stopgap solution. Can we
package the ancillary classes in a second JAR and tell people to use
this if they need to? This is how it was originally wasn't it?
> John Wilson
> The Wilson Partnership
> http://www.wilson.co.uk

Jason van Zyl


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