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From Rick Blair <rbl...@photoaccess.com>
Subject Re: Bas64 encoding performance
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2002 01:03:36 GMT

	Looks good.  I would like to have them,  Any change getting it
patched in the apache surce tree.  If so then +1.


At 08:58 PM 3/9/02 -0000, you wrote:
>I have been looking at the performance of the latest version of the Apache
>XML-RPC system when transferring 1Mb byte arrays via base64 encoding. That
>is to say I have been running the TestBase64 benchmark.
>On my test system (Sun 1.3 JVM on Win2K) here the "old Helma" XML-RPC system
>runs the TestBase64 benchmark (from the current CVS tree) in ~54 seconds.
>The latest version from CVS runs the same benchmark in ~77 seconds. I have
>replaced the Base64 implementation with a version of the Base64
>encode/decoding from MinML-RPC and tidied up the interfacing of this to the
>rest of the code (avoiding converting from StringBuffer to String, returning
>a char array rather than a byte array and the consequential changes).  This
>now runs the benchmark in ~26 seconds.
>Are you interested in having these patches?
>John Wilson
>The Wilson Partnership

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