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From Martin Poeschl <mpoes...@marmot.at>
Subject Re: [request] new commiter
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2002 09:51:27 GMT
Daniel Rall wrote:
> Martin Poeschl <mpoeschl@marmot.at> writes:
>>i would like to work on the xmlrpc code first of all i would like to
>>make it more readable ... which coding conventions should be used??
>>would be easier if you give commit access to me ;-)
> I know Martin from the Turbine project.  He's only submitted a couple
> patches, but I'm +1 on his request for commit (but would prefer that
> he didn't go through the code base on a reformatting mission).

why don't you want the code to be (re)formatted??
do you like the code as it is??

which coding conventions should be used for xmlrpc??

> Martin, would you provide your background for those that don't know
> you?

i'm an independend developer since 1995. currently i'm working for zenplex on tambora 
the other project where i use xml-rpc is a programm i wrote for an advertisement agency where
i use 
xml-rpc for the applet-server communication (since yesterday ;-)
http://www.epmedia.at (soory there is no test account available at the moment so you only
can look 
at the login screen :-(
i'm a turbine commiter since 2000 and both projects are based on turbine.


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