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From Peter Lyons <ply...@codefab.com>
Subject Using List and Map instead of Vector and Hashtable
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 19:31:31 GMT
I've just started using xml-rpc, and I found it very straightforward and
had it integrated into a WebObjects webapp in short order, so thanks to
all the developers!  I'd like to patch some of the sources to use
java.util.List/Map instead of Vector/Hashtable so users could choose
which collection implementations to use.  Does this seem worthwhile to

        If so, would someone be willing to help me (off the list)
getting the build working as I have never done jakarta development
before, and was able to check out the sources and get ant and maven
installed, but am confused by the error message I get when doing 'ant -f


Peter Lyons

P.S.  There might be some trickiness using the interfaces as someone
could write a class that implements both List and Map, so we would have
to decide which order to do the instanceof checks, and document that a
class that implements both gets treated as a Map (or List if that is

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