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From "John Wilson" <...@wilson.co.uk>
Subject Re: http headers
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:02:39 GMT
Ryan Hoegg wrote:
> arh14@cornell.edu wrote:
> The best I have been able to find in Apache's software for a java HTTP
> Server component is in Tomcat: the Catalina connector package.  In my
> current project, the XML-RPC server I am using already supports (and
> in fact requires!) HTTP/1.1 chunking, compression, and cookies.
> Obviously it will be advantageous for this library to support these
> things too, but this will be separate from the client process.
> Understand, there is more to this than just custom headers.

Chunking, whilst a very nice feature, is explicitly forbidden by the XML-RPC
spec. (http://www.xml-rpc.com/spec see the Header Requirements section -
"The Content-Length must be specified and must be correct").

We already do some things which are explicitly forbidden by the XML-RPC
spec. (using ISO 8859/1 encoding, for example). However this is done in a
way which minimises the impact on interoperability.

If we are going to support chunking, compression, etc. we must be sure that
it has zero impact on interoperability.

Could you give us an impact assessment of the changes that you are proposing
on the interoperability with existing XML-RPC systems.

John Wilson
The Wilson Partnership

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