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From Ryan Hoegg <rho...@isisnetworks.net>
Subject Re: recent patches
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 21:23:34 GMT
John Wilson wrote:

>There is already an excellent Java XML-RPC implementation on Sourceforge
Well it seems Kurt has gotten everyone all riled up.  I don't think I've 
seen all three of you respond to one thread in quite a while, and all in 
the same day!

Thanks for the pointer to that project, John, but after spending 2 hours 
in their codebase I think I like the architecture and direction of this 
project more.  I will go into reasons if any of the Marquee developers 
want to take it up with me privately.

Anyhow, as a user and possible contributor to this project I'd like to 
add my two cents to this thread.  Kurt may have violated Apache mailing 
list etiquette a bit but I think his frustration stems from the fact 
that this group doesn't do much to get new developers up to speed.  Some 
pointers could be taken from some other Apache projects such as Cocoon 
that have put some effort into shallowing the learning curve for 
contributors as well as users.

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

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