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From Ryan Hoegg <rho...@isisnetworks.net>
Subject Re: recent patches
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 01:42:06 GMT
arh14@cornell.edu wrote:

><Snip>Already (again) 
>I hear someone asking about adding the ability to modify HTTP headers.  I 
>hate to beat the same drum over again, but I have frequently replied 
>to posts saying that the interceptors patch would handle this, not to 
>much avail.  With the patch I sent today, at least this is a possibility 
>without interceptors (because now XmlRpcRequest holds the headers).
>I don't mind my patch being rejected, as long as I am at least told as 
>much.  It is just frustrating to see people ask for the same 
>functionality over and over again which could be provided by a patch 
>sitting on my hard drive.
Hi, I have read your responses in this thread and previous ones 
suggesting interceptors as a solution to some HTTP header problems. 
 However, the interceptors patch is fairly large, and in the same or 
less amount code changes I can drop in an actively maintained HTTP 
client component by the Apache group.  I don't know enough about your 
patch to be +1 or -1, but I think it solves a different problem than the 
one I am working on.  I apologize for letting your previous posts go 

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

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