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From Tim Peierls <...@peierls.net>
Subject Re: need help: cannot marshal <type 'long int'>
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 17:35:54 GMT
mike marsh wrote:
> Unfortunately, the other folks around me are python gurus. ...
> Zope and database browser1 both use the same python module for 
> xmlrpc, which obviously deviates from the xmlrpc standard.  

Deviant Python programmers, I figured it might be something like 
that. Just don't tell Dave Winer I told you any of this. :-)

XmlRpc.java, line 445, method startElement is the one that does the 
parsing, line 601, method characterData does the mapping. You would 
need to define another type constant, LONG, near line 145.

Going the other direction, XmlWriter.java, line 155, method writeObject
is the one that maps parameter values to XML elements.

These line numbers refer to the latest CVS snapshot.

One thing: <long int> isn't even valid XML, so make sure you know
exactly what tag the Python piece is expecting, probably something
like <long>345</long>, <long-int>345</long-int>, or <long_int>345</long_int>.


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