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From Tim Peierls <...@peierls.net>
Subject Re: need help: cannot marshal <type 'long int'>
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 18:43:49 GMT
mike marsh wrote:
> Thanks!  I made the additions you suggested.

You're welcome. But read on:

> Not working yet, but soon.  When I get it resolved, I'll post.

This is definitely _not_ something to consider adding to the
Apache codebase. Your Zope friends are providing a service that 
is not talking XML-RPC. You should make that clear to them, and 
urge them to change it so that it does, or at least not to make 
any claims that it does.

Adding this kind of flexibility to the Java XML-RPC code, even
optionally, encourages ad hoc deviation from the XML-RPC spec,
which is exactly why Dave Winer has been so adamant about 
sticking to the clunky spec that we have.

So your changes are one-off changes, not to be adopted generally.


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