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From "Andrew Evers" <aev...@redwood.nl>
Subject Re: [PATCH]: Alternative type mappings for primitive types.
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 12:19:37 GMT
> Heya Andrew.  I committed your code contribution, but used a class
> loading pattern instead of the instance pattern you specified.  This
> allows one to supply new implementations of your TypeFactory interface
> without writing sub-class of types.
> java -Dorg.apache.xmlrpc.TypeFactory=path.to.my.CustomTypeFactory ...
> Let me know if this suites you.

I like the class loading pattern, but I'm not sure about the global
nature of the system property. However, it is sufficient for our

>From an overall embedding perspective it would be nice to specify
a property hash to a number of the constructors that could be
used to specify alternative classes for not only the type factory,
but also the request or response processor, or the worker. This
would provide more graceful construction as more optional features
are added.

The JNDI InitialContext and JAXP {SAXParser,DocumentBuilder}Factory
API's use similar concepts.

> Did you ever happen to integrate JUnit tests for this functionality? --

No, but it's on the list of stuff to do when I recover from jet-lag,
along with finding my luggage ;)


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