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From Adam Megacz <a...@megacz.com>
Subject Re: recent patches
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 19:21:14 GMT

josh lucas <josh@stonecottage.com> writes:
> > wondering why someone doesn't grab it and move it to Sourceforge where 
> I fail to see how moving the code to Sourceforge will help.

It might have something to do with this:

Daniel Rall <dlr@finemaltcoding.com> wrote:
> Seeing as how I seem to be the only one still doing maintainence on
> this package, it will be committed when I get around to it.

I think Josh is expressing his desire to fork the code since the
current maintainence team is clearly overburdened and has not
appointed any new maintainers. Sourceforge just happens to be his
hosting provider of choice.

  - a

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