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From Kurt Werle <kwe...@pobox.com>
Subject Re: recent patches
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 23:54:34 GMT
> Kurt, we seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot here.

Which is (sincerely) my fault.

> Requests for test cases go out in response to any patch more than a few 
> lines
> long.

Which is good to hear.

>> 2.
>> JoeBlow,
>> Thanks for submitting the patch.  I couldn't get it to work OR I don't
>> see the point OR This is not the direction we're headed.
> The patch did not initially include a description of its use cases.  The
> description eventually was eventually posted to the list.

And then...?

> Since no one is actively developing this package, there is no 
> "direction" or
> than "don't introduce bugs".  My apologies if I haven't made this 
> blatantly
> clear by now.

Which would also explain why I consider the project stagnant.

>> 3.
>> You seem to have chosed #3, which is ignore Joe.  As near as I can 
>> tell,
>> that's the most destructive one.  If that expectation paints me as 
>> being
>> "unexperienced with open source
>> development", I'm glad I've chosen the right projects to contribute to.
> I am one of many maintaining this package as a
> _volunteer_, Kurt.  No one is paying me to work on this package, I 
> simply
> endeavour to keep it running smoothly enough that it doesn't cause 
> problems
> for my company's software.

I appreciate that.  The company I work for uses apache's xmlrpc at my 
recommendation, and it works FANTASTICALLY.  I am truly grateful, and so 
are they.

> The recent patch from Andrew which was pointed out to start this 
> discussion
> _is_ something of use to me and my company, thus I could take the time 
> to
> participate on its development and integration.

So there is a direction after all.  At least from your perspective.  
You're just keeping it a little secret from us.  At least from our 
perspective.  Please take that as a constructive criticism.

 From being on this list for a short time, it seems like apache's xmlrpc 
is considered to be pretty much finished.  Maybe try and maintain JDK 
1.1 compatibility (still not clear), keep the footprint small (or maybe 
fork off a larger version).  I hate to say it, but it might be nice to 
have a concise "Mission Statement" at 
http://xml.apache.org/xmlrpc/index.html .  It MIGHT also be nice to 
mention some other flavors of xmlrpc/java in that page.

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