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From Brandon Castagna ...@linite.com>
Subject Re: Embedding XML-RPC into other frameworks.
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 18:15:54 GMT
I've embedded XML-RPC into a distributed object framework (think corba) if there is
an interest in another embedded xml-rpc example...

Andrew Evers (aevers@redwood.nl) wrote: 
>Hi guys,
>There seems to be a need for information on how to embed the XML-RPC
>framework into a HTTP server, and a servlet engine in particular. I
>am considering writing a servlet (in .contrib or .servlet sub-pacakage)
>that uses the new classes to embed XML-RPC without using the
>Discussion between Dan, Adam and Rob came down to a suggestion from
>>    <servlet>
>>        <servlet-name>RPC2</servlet-name>
>>        <servlet-class>
>>          org.apache.xmlrpc.XmlRpcServlet
>>        </servlet-class>
>>        <init-param>
>>            <param-name>handler.Foo</param-name>
>>            <param-value>org.xwt.foo.bar</param-value>
>>        </init-param>
>>    </servlet>
>The init method would create an instance for handler.* parameters and
>then add it to a DefaultHandlerMapping. This mapping would be used
>to create an XmlRpcWorker. The servlet doPost() method would
>be a call XmlRpcWorker.execute() with the appropriate context.
>I might even write this up as an example of how to embed XML-RPC?

Brandon Castagna 

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