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From "Daniel L. Rall" <...@finemaltcoding.com>
Subject Re: recent patches
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 21:14:52 GMT
On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Kurt Werle wrote:

> Exactly my point.  If, for example, I was running the xmlrpc project on 
> SF, and Aaron had contributed his patch there, I'd have invited him to 
> join the dev team and submit the patches directly.

Kurt, a comment like that paints you as very unexperienced with open source
development.  A single contribution does not a fellow developer make.

> Not that I have any intention of doing the above - I'm happy to be an 
> xmlrpc user.  I think that the interceptor stuff looks very interesting, 
> and would probably have helped my current project out, but I didn't know 
> about it until I came sniffing around.  That such useful code has been 
> left out for about a year is a real let-down.

Last I checked the patch was not up to date with CVS and had no test cases.  
The latter is a major issue, and though it's possible that test cases were
included in the updated version, the machine that I have my copy on sufferred
a CPU meltdown last week so I cannot check.


Daniel Rall <dlr@finemaltcoding.com>

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