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From "Daniel L. Rall" <...@finemaltcoding.com>
Subject Re: recent patches
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 21:39:56 GMT
On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Ryan Hoegg wrote:

> Anyhow, as a user and possible contributor to this project I'd like to 
> add my two cents to this thread.  Kurt may have violated Apache mailing 
> list etiquette a bit but I think his frustration stems from the fact 
> that this group doesn't do much to get new developers up to speed.  Some 
> pointers could be taken from some other Apache projects such as Cocoon 
> that have put some effort into shallowing the learning curve for 
> contributors as well as users.

It would be excellent if someone would step up and contribute more "getting 
started" documentation.  More advanced docs for "using ssl" and "embedding" 
would also be excellent.  I certainly don't have time or personal need for 
this, but it would without a doubt benefit other users of this project.

I understand all your concerns.  Try to understand mine. I have to work the
day job to keep a roof over my head and my belly full.  I even enjoy nawing my
leg off and escaping from the shackles of the computer on occassion.  XML-RPC
as it currently stands serves most of my use cases -- I don't have a lot of
reason to spend endless hours developing it or manually merging in new,
untested code which lacks tests and won't apply via `patch`.

I like the fact that Ryan reads this list and sends mail asking questions 
instead of just bitching that "my patch wasn't committed."

I like the fact that Andrew E. provided use cases and interacted with the list
before submitting improvements, rather than just dumping a big patch with no
test cases over the wall and expecting the committers to spend their time to
understand it, clean it up, merge it in, and write tests for it and the code
it changed.

I like the fact that Adam provides RFC references and is willing to discuss 
the use cases of his patches.

I entreat you all to participate in this community by answering user list
questions, engaging in constructive discussion, writing documentation, writing
test cases, or writing patches which include use cases, docs, and test cases.

                                Thanks, Dan

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