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From ar...@cornell.edu
Subject re: http headers
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:17:15 GMT

If the intent is for the HTTP client component by the Apache group to be
the single entry point on the client side, I'm all for it.  It has been
tedious to maintain two sets of similar changes between XmlRpcClient and
XmlRpcClientLite.  While the interceptors patch may be large, the patch I
posted yesterday is smaller and includes code which accumulates and reads
headers on both the client (both clients) and server side.  Does Apache
have an HTTP server component that also returns headers?  It's all fine
and good to be able to modify headers on the client side...but something
needs to read them on the server side also.  You are right, the
headers/XmlRpcRequest issue, introspection, and interceptors are somewhat
orthogonal...it just so happened that code in my interceptors patch also
added the ability for modification of headers...this can of course be done
independently of interceptors.

Aaron Hamid


arh14@cornell.edu wrote:

><Snip>Already (again)
>I hear someone asking about adding the ability to modify HTTP headers.
>hate to beat the same drum over again, but I have frequently replied
>to posts saying that the interceptors patch would handle this, not to
>much avail.  With the patch I sent today, at least this is a possibility
>without interceptors (because now XmlRpcRequest holds the headers).
>I don't mind my patch being rejected, as long as I am at least told as
>much.  It is just frustrating to see people ask for the same
>functionality over and over again which could be provided by a patch
>sitting on my hard drive.
Hi, I have read your responses in this thread and previous ones
suggesting interceptors as a solution to some HTTP header problems.
 However, the interceptors patch is fairly large, and in the same or
less amount code changes I can drop in an actively maintained HTTP
client component by the Apache group.  I don't know enough about your
patch to be +1 or -1, but I think it solves a different problem than the
one I am working on.  I apologize for letting your previous posts go

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

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