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From ar...@cornell.edu
Subject Re: recent patches
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 19:09:13 GMT

>Subject:  Re: recent patches
>From:     Steffen Schwigon <schwigon@webit.de>
>arh14@cornell.edu writes:
>> The whole point is to propagate contextual information 
>> from the client to the server, so of course being able to set said 
>> information on the client is necessary.
>Does this mean, that each client 'must' specify additional info (they
>are mandatory) if it communicates to an enhanced server or it 'can'
>add info (they are optional).

Oh, no no no :)  I mean "in order to pass contextual information from 
the client to the server, it must be settable on the client" (this is an 
obvious tautology).  I don't mean you *have* to set this information.  
When I say that interceptors are "mandatory" I mean "any serious library 
that plays in the middleware arena should provide some form of this 
functionality".  Not that you *have* to use them, or that you are even 
aware of them.  Of course I don't want to force everybody to pass extra 
information or use interceptors or anything! :)  None of my patches have 
required you to do anything extra or even be aware of the extra 


>The same question in another way: Does patching the server break its
>compatibility or interoperability with older clients that are not
>aware of the server patch?
>Since the early days of your interceptor proposal I'm not sure about
>this, now I ask. :-)
>Steffen Schwigon <schwigon@webit.de>

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