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From Martin Redington <m.reding...@ucl.ac.uk>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release plan
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 22:22:56 GMT

On Thursday, January 30, 2003, at 09:47 PM, Ryan Hoegg wrote:

> Daniel Rall wrote:
>> p.s. Did the base-64 fixes make it into both 1.2 branch _and_ HEAD?
> Not yet.  I think the issue is basically closed except for some 
> uncertainty on performance with large inputs.

There's a new comment added to that bug, to the effect that 
Base64.decode is broken. I may have a fix for that, and a considerable 
encode speedup coming later today --- I'll post them to buzilla. I also 
think that a trailing newline should be added to encoded data (the perl 
Base64 module does this). I'll include this in the patch as well.

>   I was going to get around to making a test for that this weekend.  I 
> found a tasty Project Gutenberg text for it :)

My tests with large inputs showed consistently better performance for 
the patched code (by up to 50%), which should be pretty robust --- it 
might not be worth cluttering up the tests with another test.

I've got some code I can send you (that reads the large text from a 
file), that I used for my speed tests, in case you still want to add it.

> Also, I think our changes should go upstream to Codec, and we should 
> change the package name on Base64.java to org.apache.commons.codec. 
> You're a committer on Codec, so you could make it happen.

*yes*, the Base64 code definitely wants to be consolidated.

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