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From Francesco Bellomi <fbell...@libero.it>
Subject Re: Full Text Support ?
Date Sun, 16 Jun 2002 18:50:42 GMT

I think there is an ongoing effort to add a full-text indexing feature to 
XIndice (you can search the archive of the dev ML for further details).

However, when I needed to implement a full-text search engine for an 
XIndice application, I used Apache Lucene,
I simply used XIndice to store the full document bodies, and Lucene to 
build, store and query the index for the texts, along with a special 
"field" (the term for Lucene entires' slots) for each document, specifying 
the document path into XIndice (collection and id). So now I can run a 
query using Lucene, obtainig a list of XIndice document ids.


At 20.13 16/06/2002, you wrote:

>Is anyone working on adding Full Text support (indexing and queries) to 
>xindice ?
>I have a 60,000+ record database that need revamped. It isn't currently 
>XML but I think it would be ideally suited to becoming an XML database. 
>Performing updates using XUpdate would be fantastic. Being able to execute 
>XPath/XQuery queries would be nice but for most users the need for a 
>simple, high performance keyword search is essential.
>The data is currently imported into a BRS/Search database but our licence 
>for that will expire in a couple of years and the University is unlikely 
>to continue to pay for it.
>A possible temporary would be to have all the data stored and updated in 
>an xindice database which is then exported to a full text database for 
>keyword searches. Are there any Free high-performance full-text databases 
>out there ? I find it quite hard to assess their performance without 
>actually going to the effort of trying them out. I tried ISearch which 
>initially seemed like a good solution but it performed very badly when 
>doing a join on a very common keyword and an uncommon one.

Francesco Bellomi
"Use truth to show illusion,
and illusion to show truth."

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