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From "Dan Barron" <dbar...@mail.acponline.org>
Subject Advice on DB Design Wanted
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 19:19:16 GMT
I have an idea and I was just wondering what you all thought about it. Here's the deal:

We are going to use Xindice to store XML data for scientific journal citations. The simplest
idea is to just dump them all in one collection and use XPath to find what we need. But most
times, they would be searched by journal name and volume.

So what I'm thinking is if I create a subcollection for each journal, and then collections
for each volume say under that, there would only be a few dozen articles in each collection.
And since you search first by getting a collection and then searching, I'm guessing this would
be much faster and could effectively eliminate the need for indexers on journal name and volume.
And presumably I could still search the entire collection when necessary using the base collection.

So I'm thinking search the /db/citations/JAMA/132 collection of a few dozen documents would
be way faster than searching /db/citations where altogether there would be hundreds of thousands
of documents.

Does this make any sense? Will it be faster? Am I missing any obvious problems with this approach?
Any ideas would be appreciated.


Daniel W. Barron
Senior Systems Analyst/Application Developer
American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine
Tel: (215) 351-2617     Tel: (800) 523-1546 x2617
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