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From C F <tacnab...@yahoo.com>
Subject Should I Use Xindice for web-searchable XML Docs?
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 21:34:14 GMT

Hello Everyone,

I would appreciate it if I could get some advice on whether or not I should use xindice (and
if not, then what).  I'm just going to use some generalized numbers to give you a general
idea of scale....

Let's say I have about 1000 XML documents that average around 30kb in size.  They are fairly
'deep' node-wise.  Each document is actually metadata for other objects on the web site. 
I don't really care about any update facilities for these XML documents.  All I want to do
is have all these XML documents on the system available for advanced querying.  I want to
set up a bunch of HTML forms to allow the end-user to fill in the blanks to form all differents
sorts of queries against the various data elements within the XML docs.  I would use the search
results to then grab the objects that those matching documents are describing.  I don't expect
this to be 'high traffic' anytime in the near future.... let's say ~1 hit per minute at the

I know it's difficult for anyone to answer a definitive yes or no without more details on
the queries, but I don't have that level of detail yet.  Anyway, based on what I've said,
is Xindice a possiblity for me?  Or any other products I should be looking at?  Open source
is preferrable, but any low cost suggestions would also be appreciated (a couple commercial
XML databases I looked at were $40k+ !!).

I'm using Tomcat as my web server and PostgreSQL for database.


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