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From "Rodrigo Spinola" <rodrigo.spin...@bol.com.br>
Subject Re:Xindice Questions
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2003 12:48:11 GMT
Hi Susan,

 Could you help me? I am having a problem with Xindice. 
I start the server but receive this error message 
(Exception in thread "main" 
when I´m trying to run this command (xindiceadmin ac -
c /db -n addressbook) and I don´t know how to solve this.


> Hello all,
> I am currently a graduate student in Information Scienc
e at the 
> University of NC at Chapel Hill. I just starting using 
Xindice and 
> really think it's a great tool. Bravo for the Apache XM
L project! For a 
> user interface course I'm in this semester, I am planni
ng to build a 
> prototype for a gui-
based content management system that sits on top of 
> the Xindice database. I need some users though to answe
r a few 
> questions...as there obviously aren't a plethora of ppl
 at the 
> university that have ever used a native XML database :)
> So, if you have a few seconds in your day for a lowly g
rad student, it 
> would be great if you could answer 7 questions about ho
w you decided to 
> use a native XML database...Either fill answers out at 
this url:
> http://www.questionbuilder.com/html/styles/corporate.sh
> or respond directly to me with answers to the questions
 below. I would 
> greatly appreciate it and I swear I won't clog up the u
ser list again! 
> Additionally, the results of the survey will not be use
d for any 
> commercial purposes. They are primarily for me to get a
 feel of what 
> features would be appropriate for a GUI that works with
> Cheers,
> Susan
> former java developer, current grad student
> Name 2-
3 reasons why you chose to use a native XML database?
> Do you find a command line interface difficult to use w
ith a native XML 
> database?
> Would you prefer to use a GUI based interface 
> for database management (i.e., a content management sys
> that sits on the Xindice database)?
> Do you currently use a content management tool or datab
ase management 
> tool for organizing and managing XML documents?
> If so, which tools do you use?
> List 3-
4 tasks you do on a daily basis with the Xindice database

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