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From Jonathan Mark <jhm...@xenops.com>
Subject string compare operators not working?
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 20:13:40 GMT
I am running into the following issue using Xindice from CVS:
(my xalan file is xalan-2.4.0.jar).

The operators <= >= > and < seem to always return false when applied to
For example if I add ["abc"<="abc"] to the end of an xpath query which
returned some results, it now returns no results.
An example of a failing query is:
/db:datebook/db:category/db:date[string(db:start) = "2000-06-23 09:00"]["abc"<="abc"]

The = operator works as expected, and the inequalities work as expected if
applied to numbers rather than strings.
(So appending ["abc"="abc"] or [5<=5] has no effect on the query result.)
I have checked that the "<" and ">" signs are being quoted correctly when
passed to the Xindice server over XML/RPC.

Should I put this in bugzilla ... if so, for Xindice or Xalan?
Or is it a known problem, or am I misunderstanding how it's supposed to

many thanks,

	Jonathan Mark

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