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From Richard Light <rich...@light.demon.co.uk>
Subject Failure to build war file under XP
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 07:45:19 GMT


I've downloaded Xindice (version 1.0 - the official release).  (What's 
with this "1.1b", by the way?  Is there a later version that is hidden 
away somewhere?)  I've followed the instructions to build it, and I've 
got it running on its own account.  So far, so good.

However, I want to use Xindice as a data source under Cocoon, so I think 
that I need to build a war file.  The build instructions at:


imply that setting JAVA_HOME and running build.bat will do this for me. 
At least, the log printed on that page has a "war-release:" in it.

When I run build, I don't get this message.  In fact, my version of 
build doesn't do anything more than to create or update the xindice.jar 
file itself.

Is this because:

  - I'm starting with the wrong download
  - there is some environment variable I ought to have set besides 
  - some other reason ?

I notice that the contents of my unzipped download directory 
(xml-xindice-1.0) are different from the example quoted in the how-to 
guide.  It contains 7 files and 9 directories, whereas the how-to has 15 
files and 12 directories.  This lends weight to my suspicion that I have 
the wrong version.

Any pointers appreciated!

Richard Light
Richard Light
SGML/XML and Museum Information Consultancy

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