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From "Vladimir R. Bossicard" <vladi...@bossicard.com>
Subject Re: FW: Add Indexer using API
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 17:42:51 GMT
[Apparently my mail didn't go through.  So sorry for the spam]

You can take a look at the AddIndexer class (o.a.x.tool package).  This code
need some refactoring but it's a start (and not really difficult).

I'm also working on this and I hope to have more news in a couple of days.

And this is for everyone: if you have some piece of information (installation,
configuration, enhancements...) please share it with others!  And the most
convenient place to do so is in our wiki page.  It's not difficult to write new
documentation, and if you don't participate, don't complain that the doc sucks.


Vladimir R. Bossicard

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