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From nohara <noh...@icc-web.co.jp>
Subject Re: Installation problem on Win2K
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 06:36:04 GMT
Hi Ben. My English is poor, sorry.

Ben Hirashima wrote:
> xindiceadmin ac -c /db -n addressbook
> i get the following error:
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
> Files\Altova\xmlspy\XMLSpyInterface/jar;C:\Xindice\java\lib\Xindice/jar
> C:\Program
> Files\Altova\xmlspy\XMLSpyInterface.jar;C:\Xindice\java\lib\Xindice.jar

I think that the exception is thrown because it has space in your 
CLASSPATH. So I hope that you may remove space in your CLASSPATH.
Then, How about rewriting %indice_home%\bin\lcp.bat in line 63 to the 
following line.

set LOCALCLASSPATH=.;C:\Xindice\java\lib\Xindice.jar;%LOCALCLASSPATH%

> as you can see, i'm also running xmlspy on this machine. in regards
> to the CLASSPATH, the installation guide says
> "... make sure you have . in your CLASSPATH."
> i didn't quite understand what it meant by this. could this be part
> of the problem? any advice would be appreciated.

In Windows, "." means current directory. (not in the file name)
So "make sure you have . in your CLASSPATH" means that it has .
  in your CLASSPATH like "<etc path>;.;<etc path>"


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