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From "David J. Thomson" <dthom...@eecs.tufts.edu>
Subject Re: Creating collections with embedded Xindice
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 22:31:44 GMT

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Simon Farrow wrote:

> Do you know if there is any way to avoid it? Or if there is any effort to fix
> the problem? I'm assuming that it is some kind of flushing issue. Do you know if
> I could force anything? Or is it something to do with restarting the Virtual
> Machine?
> Simon.
I don't think it's a technical problem. It's not causing anything bad to
happen. As I said, it's more a usability concern. I'm pretty sure
developers are aware of it, since I remember reading about it in some of
the docs. I would ignore it at this point, or track it down if it bothers
you. Obviously, it didn't bother me enough to do something about it. I
would define it as "cosmetic", since I really don't think it has any
impact on a functional level.

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