Hi shruthi,
                I was struck with same problem if you find a solution please send me the solution.
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From: Shruti Ahuja, Noida [mailto:shruti@noida.hcltech.com]
Sent: Montag, 24. März 2003 11:56
To: xindice-users@xml.apache.org
Subject: Exception in XUpdate

I was trying out the XUpdate functionality on XIndice1.0 database. When i execute the org.apache.xindice.examples.XUpdate program, it gives the following exception - 
org.apache.xindice.client.corba.db.APIException: IDL:org/apache/xindice/client/corba/db/APIException:1.0
        at org.apache.xindice.client.corba.db.APIExceptionHelper.read(APIExceptionHelper.java:112)
        at org.apache.xindice.client.corba.db._CollectionStub.queryCollection(_CollectionStub.java:836)
        at org.apache.xindice.client.xmldb.services.XUpdateQueryServiceImpl.updateResult(XUpdateQueryServiceImpl.java:165)
        at org.apache.xindice.client.xmldb.services.XUpdateQueryServiceImpl.update(XUpdateQueryServiceImpl.java:185)
        at XUpdate.main(XUpdate.java:94)
XML:DB Exception occured 1 Query Processing Error
Is this a problem with this version of Xindice . Is it fixed in the code in CVS ?
Thanx in advance , 

Shruti Ahuja
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