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From patrick.refond...@extentis.com
Subject Ordered Xpath Result Collection
Date Sun, 25 May 2003 12:26:48 GMT

I try to obtain Xpath result collection ordered by specific query parameters.
Basically I try to reproduce the standard SQL ORDER BY close.

I have documents like:

<publidoc language="fr" name="defaut" >...</publidoc>
<publidoc language="fr" name="news" >...</publidoc>
<publidoc language="fr" name="galerie" >...</publidoc>

I would like the following query to be ordered by publidoc[@name] 


I created an indexer:

xindice add_indexer -c /db/publidocs -n publidocnameattindex -p publidoc@name

And then modified the Xpath query as:

//publidoc[@name and @language='fr']

In hope that the @name would trigger the indexer use as well as the indexer
would order the @name alphabetically ... To many assumptions I guess :) it did
not change the result ordering.

Any idea if there is an efficient way of ordering Xpath result collection ?


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