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From dipte...@vsnl.com
Subject URGENT Help - Embedded Xindice
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 14:53:37 GMT
Guys - Please help, its urgent!

1. We are trying to use the Embedded
   verion of Xindice 1.1b. with Tomcat
   4.1.12, Windows NT 4.0

2. Our servlet only application makes use
    of MySQL as well as Xindice. Our usage
   of Xindice is from about 15% of our code.

3. We wish to use a SINGLE Tomcat context for
   th entire application, i.e., this single
   context should contain ALL the code (appliction
   code, Xindice files after un-WAR-ing, etc. etc.) 
   required for our application. This requirement is 
   currently a non-negotiable constraint.

3a. ALSO we DO NOT wish to create a separate context
    named "Xindice" in server.xml; we wish to use a
    single context named whatever...

4. We DO NOT want to map * to the Xindice servlet
    under the servlet mapping section. This is because
   when we do it even simple HTML page accesses are failing.

5. When we remove the servlet mapping then evrything else
   works, even the Xindice initiation message "succesfully
   started Xindice..." is displayed in the Tomcat console.
   HOWEVER, the call "DatabaseManager.getCollection(..).."
   fails with the message "..attribute HR not found ..."
   and we are unable to Create or Delete collections in 

Please suggest a solution.

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