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From dipte...@vsnl.com
Subject URGENT: Embedded Xindice with vendor string "xndice-embed"
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 14:52:33 GMT
Dear Friends,

In continuation of our efforts to make
our application work with Xindice embedded
version we have achieved thus so far:

1. We have removed the * servlet mapping of XindiceServlet and
   have also removed the reference of XindiceServlet from

2. We were having a problem with using "xindice" as the "vendor"
   string in the URI for getCollection:

String s = "org.apache.xindice.client.xmldb.DatabaseImpl";
            Class class1 = Class.forName(s);
            Database database = (Database)class1.newInstance();
            collection = DatabaseManager.getCollection("xmldb:xindice:///db/");

was causing the getCollection call to fail and the collection object was null.

3. On changing the "vendor" string from "xindice" to "xindice-embed"

           collection = DatabaseManager.getCollection("xmldb:xindice-embed:///db/");

    the call succeeded.

4. However, now the problem appears to be that we ar not able to  specify the location of
the root db using "system.xml" and the collection is being created under the "bin" folder
of tomcat (C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.1.18\bin)

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Diptendu Dutta

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