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From "Trevor Leung" <trevorle...@cuhk.edu.hk>
Subject RE: Newbie; can't access Xindice through XML-RPC - please help!
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 02:42:41 GMT

I have experienced it. Firstly I try to follow the dev guideline (XML:DB)
to connect Xindice wiht java but found some problems.

Then I try to use XML-RPC to connect Xindice, it is works on manage collections
but cannot query.

And then I try to solve the problem on the first case (XML:DB), I found it omit some
classes (org.w3c.dom), something like that.

And now works fine.



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From: Henrik Mohr [mailto:henrik@webdata.dk]
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2003 3:37 PM
To: xindice-users@xml.apache.org
Subject: RE: Newbie; can't access Xindice through XML-RPC - please help!

Hi Andi (and others),

No, I still didn't get the command line to work via XML-RPC.
I fetched the files that where missing in the src-distribution, 
through cvs, and then it compiled perfectly. But still no luck - 
the command line only works locally.

So for now I'm coding my own webapp using the embedded driver. As 
long as the webapp and Xindice runs on the same server, it's ok. 
But not in the longer run.

Anyone else got it to work?


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From: "Andi Heusser" <aheusser@gmx.ch>
Reply-To: xindice-users@xml.apache.org
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 00:14:39 -0600

>Hi Henrik (and others)
>Did you manage to get the command line tool working with xindice-
1.1b? I'm
>running into the exact same problems and couldn't find any 
helpful info on
>the web nor the archive of the mailing list.
>If not, could anyone please help me with that issue? It seems 
that quite a
>few people are using Xindice 1.1b by now and therefore I assume 
that it's
>working for at least a few of those.
>I'm using Xindice 1.1b under Tomcat 4.1.24 and Windows XP. The 
database is
>correctly deployed under Tomcat since I can access it through the 
ugly debug
>tool. I can access the database using the -l and -d flags 
(accessing it
>locally), but I can't get the command line tool to work via the 
>using either the -u or --uri flags.
>Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
>Andi Heusser
>Hello again (Charles and others),
>OK, I've now fetched the souce from the public cvs repository, 
and compiled
>it. No problems.
>I've copied the _new_ Xindice.war to my "webapps" folder in 
Tomcat, and
>started it.
>I can still browse the CVS through a browser pointing to
>http://localhost/Xindice, but I still can't use the command line:
>C:\java\xml-xindice\bin>.\xindice.bat lc -c /db
>ERROR : Collection not found!
>C:\java\xml-xindice\bin>.\xindice.bat lc -c /db -u 
>ERROR : Collection not found!
>C:\java\xml-xindice\bin>.\xindice.bat lc -c /db -u
>ERROR : Collection not found!
>Any ideas? Please help, I'm on my 4th night without any access to 
>Just for the record:
>I use Tomcat 5.02 and Sun JDK1.4.1_01.
>Thanks in advance!
>Henrik, Denmark
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