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From "David J. Thomson" <dthom...@eecs.tufts.edu>
Subject Re: Multiple concurrent collections with embedded
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 20:38:11 GMT
I decided just to use multiple collections instead of multiple databases,
which seems to work well. Sorry for the trouble.



On Wed, 7 May 2003, David J. Thomson wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm a little confused about how to handle "sessions" for Xindice. I have a
> class called XMLDB, which handles all methods that query the Xindice
> database.
> I instantiate the class and set the path to the embedded database
> dynamically for each session that comes in through the "xindice.home"
> property, since each might be using a different database.
> The problem is that when I try to get a new collection with
> "DatabaseManager.getCollection(String name)", it returns null, but only
> when the databases are different.
> Will the DatabaseMananger not allow two embedded collections to be loaded
> at once when they are phyically distinct? In the code below, it shows that
> the xindice.home is set properly and uses a different database when I
> print out the property before calling getCollection().
> This all seems to work fine for multiple sessions with the same database,
> but not when the database is different. Please see the comment inside
> the initGlobal() method. Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> David

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