Reviewing the mailing list archives I learned that Xindice 1.X does not support transactions.
I would like to ask the participants of this mailing list of any suggestions in terms of how to minimize potential inconsistencies that may arise in a HTTP/servlet-based application with a Xindice respository consisting of large number of interrelated small to medium documents.
In a hypotethical application, users may cancel an HTTP request that may be executing an Xupdate command that updates various XML docs in Xindice.
When that happens, the servlet thread is killed and as a result the Xupdate command is canceled in the middle of its execution.
As a result, the Xindice db is left inconsistent.
At least, that's the way I understand it would work.
That type of consistency problem can be easily avoided if the db supports transactions. If transactions are available, then any changes are rolled back in case the HTTP request is cancelled before the transaction completes.
But with Xindice that is not possible.
I would like to know of suggestions from you guys on how I can minimize that problem with the current release of Xindice.
Thanks a lot,