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From "Josema Alonso" <alo...@aafunky.com>
Subject Xindice in Websphere anyone?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 20:50:43 GMT
Hello, all.

I'm preparing a short tutorial in which I will demonstrate the features of
Xindice. This will be conducted during the ICWE'03 conference:

So, I'm trying to configure Xindice deploying it in a nice Websphere 4.02
box we got around here. It installed correctly, it started correctly from
the admin console, but no response to any query. It doesn't show the ugly
debug tool...and that's bad...

I thought I could ask around here before just in case anybody installed it
on similar environment successfully. Anybody?

Anyway, I'll go on investigating on my own. I need to find a solution asap.
I will post again if so.


ps: sorry if this appears posted more than once but I'm having trouble
posting to this mailing list.

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