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From sandy pittendrigh <sa...@cns.montana.edu>
Subject Re: XPath behavior: feature or bug?
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 16:04:17 GMT
Thank you Kevin:

I want  to turn XML into an interactive form, that will
allow users to "click-choose" an arbitrary constraint list,
and then turn that into a concatentated xpath statement,
on the fly. Automatically-operational, user-configurable queries
are a powerful idea.  It seems to work too.

$XINDICE_HOME/bin/xindice xpath -l -c /db/data -q


      and /XSIL/XSIL[@Name='system']/Param[@Name='owner'][text()='gwen']

....gives me exactly what I wanted (AND'ing subpaths as a condition list 
inside the outermost wrapper)

Thank you Kevin.

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 * sandy@cns.montana.edu
 * http://cns.montana.edu/~sandy */

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