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From Kevin O'Neill <kevinone...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Clarification on status of XML:DB and XUpdate in Xindice 1.1b
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 03:51:18 GMT
On 2003.08.05 02:19, jcplerm wrote:
> Please confirm if the following statements are correct:
> 1) Xindice 1.1b only supports XML-RPC;
> 2) Code that uses the XML:DB API does not work with Xindice 1.1b;
> 3) As a consequence of item 2, there is no way of running XUpdate
> commands on Xindice 1.1b.
> Is there a way of running XUpdate against XIndice 1.1b using XML-RPC?
> Will XIndice 1.1X support XML:DB in the future?

The XML-RPC database (an implementation of the XML:DB database 
interface), passes most the integration tests we have (the failures are 
documented in bugzilla) and has support for XUpdate. There are also 
embeded and managed drivers.

Do you have a sample of the code that doesn't execute? 

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