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From 02068...@brookes.ac.uk
Subject xmlns:xmlns="null" !?
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 15:14:02 GMT

I've just spent some hours getting to the bottom of a problem
owing to the fact that Xindice seems to be creating the following
namespace definition in one of my collections following an XUpdate:


This is appearing thanks to an XUpdate request which inserts an
XSL stylesheet into Xindice via a java program. An example of the
XUpdate request is:

<xupdate:modifications version="1.0"
    <xupdate:element name="transformation">
      <xupdate:attribute name="formatID">format-1</xupdate:attribute>
      <xupdate:attribute name="deviceID">device-4</xupdate:attribute>
      <xupdate:element name="xsl:stylesheet">
        <xupdate:attribute name="version">1.0</xupdate:attribute>
        <xupdate:element name="xsl:template">
          <xupdate:attribute name="match">/</xupdate:attribute>

The nature of the problem seems to be that following a successful
update tomcat then collapses with the following error in the logs
the next time the database is read:

[Fatal Error] :2:235: The prefix "xmlns" cannot be bound to any
namespace explicitly; neither can the namespace for "xmlns" be
bound to any prefix explicitly.

(This seems to be a xerces-generated error message)

To add to the confusion surrounding this, when a command-line
query was submitted e.g.:

xindice xpath_query -v -c /db/xml-it/presenters -q "//name/"

Xindice would respond with:

ERROR : Query error
[WARN] core - -org.xmldb.api.base.XMLDBException: Query error

. which seems to imply that Xindice is aware of a problem
despite the XPath being OK.

If there's anyone who can help me with this I'd be very grateful.


RedHat 7.3
Java 1.4.1_02 (rpm)
Xindice 1.1b2
Tomcat 4.1.24
Cocoon 2.1m2

p.s. At http://xml.apache.org/xindice/mail.html there are two
seemingly inappropriate references to cocoon.

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