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From "John Finlay" <John_Fin...@byu.edu>
Subject Upgrade 1.0 to 1.1b2
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 22:58:46 GMT

I am going to updgrade from Xindice 1.0 to 1.1b2.  I've successfully
built 1.1b2 and have it running as a webapp under tomcat.  

My first question is: Is the database structure the same in the two
versions such that I can copy the /db directory from 1.0 to the /db
directory of 1.1b2?  Or do I have to export the collections and then
reimport them?

My second question is related to some of the other traffic that has been
on this list of late.  But I don't remember seeing a clear response.  If
my client application is a webapp that also runs in tomcat and uses the
xmldb api to connect to xindice, do I need to change the code for it to
work in xindice 1.1b2?  I suspect that I might need to change the
connection URI.  I Currently use xmldb:xindice:///db and I remember
reading that if you are using the embedded version you could also access
it using xmldb:xindice-embed:///db.

If you have any other hints you would like to share on upgrading from
1.0 to 1.1b2, I would greatly appreciate them.


John Finlay
Computing Specialist
Harold B. Lee Library -- Brigham Young University
(801) 422-6148

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