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From "Bent Andre Solheim" <b...@bent-andre.com>
Subject Xindice 1.1b2 stability, reliability and installation.
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 17:14:20 GMT
Hi users and developers,

I checked out Xindice 1.1b from CVS using the build-1_1_b2 tag. Was
unable to make it work properly. I then checked the working version from
CVS out and replaced the xindice-1.1.b2.jar from the b2 version with the
new one both on the server and on the commandline tool. Everything
appears to be ok.


I have been performing serious tests of Xindice 1.0 the past weeks and
found it unreliable and unstable. I inserted some 3GB of data and tested
with several simultanous accesses and heavy queries. In some occasions
the results from the queries was incorrect (returned 0), and finally,
what made me consider using the CVS version, the database corrupted some
of the inserted data and was unable to restart (hung).

I have tried to make the version tagged as build-1_1_b2 work with no
success. Got it to work with the newest version from CVS, but I am
reluctant to use a working-version of a database in a production
environment. The current scenario is inserting 500-3000 documents a day
varying from 20 to 200 MB total. These numbers will increase in time.

My question is, to both users and developers, how stable and reliable is
Xindice in its current state? Is it production ready? I'm very close to
selecting another database for my project, because it is not acceptable
risking a corrupt database with a probablity not very close to zero. I
originally wanted Xindice as my primary data store because it offers a
great deal of flexibility not offered by the alternatives. At the time
being, I do not dare using it this way, because I cannot afford losing
data or taking my service down for hours to restore from backup.

Any answers from anybody with experience in this area are greatly

best regards,

Bent André Solheim

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