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From "Kurt Kavanaugh" <kkavana...@teletrol.com>
Subject RE: Moving from Xindice 1.0 -> 1.1
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 13:27:28 GMT

>What does the -d switch point to? Real example please.

-d ../config/system.xml
when you are in bin directory.

ok. but I believe we need to *add* items to the system.xml to get the embedded version to
work. Right? Or does this....

- <xindice>
- <root-collection dbroot="./db/" name="db" use-metadata="on">
- <!--  Set use-metadata to on to enable metadata usage. 
- <queryengine>
  <resolver autoindex="false" class="org.apache.xindice.core.query.XPathQueryResolver"
  <resolver class="org.apache.xindice.core.xupdate.XUpdateQueryResolver" /> 
- <xml-rpc>
  <driver name="xerces" /> 

say it all? If there are other items, optional or not, please explain. One more question below...

>And finally to the question. I am trying to import the file sets we were using in 1.0.
Note these are now out on a flat file system. So I thought I could use the same command line
invoke, but I get this...
>C:\home\kurt\xml-xindice\bin>xindice.bat import -c /db -f c:\staging\Company_A -e xml
>[DEBUG] DatabaseImpl - -Using SAX Driver: 'xerces'
>[DEBUG] DatabaseImpl - -Using Service Location: '/xindice/'
>[DEBUG] CollectionImpl - -Using URL: ''
>XMLDB Exception with code 0
>Which before would create a collection with a name of Company_A. In addition what is the
port 8888 gig? How do I specify a non standard port? Is there a connection string kind of
thingie like in ODBC/JDBC land?

-c xmldb:xindice://localhost:8888/db
Also, type "xindice" to see the help for the tool. It does explain this 

Respectfully, I have, and here is the explanation...

    -c           Collection context (must always be specified),
                 can be either canonical name of the collection
                 or complete xmldb URL

Which tells me nothing about xmldb:<vendor>:[embed]//<hostname>:[port]/<database>

which is what I was looking for...


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