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From Kai Woerner <kai.woer...@uni-hamburg.de>
Subject Re: Once again: getting to run 1.1
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 14:03:18 GMT
Thanks for the numerous answers!

OK, CORBA is not in 1.1 anymore, I have to use 
org.apache.xindice.client.xmldb.xmlrpc.DatabaseImpl in my Java, so that 
something like...


import org.xmldb.api.DatabaseManager;
import org.xmldb.api.base.Collection;
import org.xmldb.api.base.Database;
import org.xmldb.api.modules.CollectionManagementService;

public class CreateCollection {
public final static String URI = "xmldb:xindice://localhost:8080/";
String driver = "org.apache.xindice.client.xmldb.xmlrpc.DatabaseImpl";
Class cl = Class.forName(driver);
Database database = (Database) cl.newInstance();
Collection root = DatabaseManager.getCollection(URI + "/db");
CollectionManagementService mgtService =(CollectionManagementService) 
root.getService("CollectionManagementService", "1.0");
Collection col = mgtService.createCollection("acollection");

...should work.

Since I don't seem to get _anything_ to work, could someone paste me 
some code that creates a collection in Xindice 1.1 under tomcat? Very, 
very simple, no bells & whistles, just create a collection under the 
root element. That would probably help a lot, since I now guess my 
problem might as well lie elsewhere.


> On Friday 05 Sep 2003 1:15 pm, Mario Cormier wrote:
>>CORBA messages humm? Well I know 1.0 used CORBA as the "core" protocol
>>to access the database, but as far as I could see, not only is it not
>>the core protocol in 1.1, it's not even there anymore.
>>So my guess is that you tool is using an older client library which
>>simply doesn't talk the same language as the new database. I think you
>>will need a new version of that tool in order to access 1.1 databases.
>>Hope this helps!
>>Kai Wörner wrote:
>>>>If you're now using 1.1 as a servlet the paths to the DB change to
>>>>something like:
>>>YAB and Java (I'm trying it with the CreateCollection.java-example
>>>from http://xml.apache.org/xindice/guide-developer.html#N101B5) give
>>>me the same error:
>>>org.xmldb.api.base.XMLDBException: A connection to the Database
>>>instance 'db' could not be created.
>>>Error: http://localhost:8080/db_bootstrap.ior
>>>The (decoded) .ior-file seems to read:
>>>_IIOP_ParseCDR: byte order BigEndian, repository id
>>><IDL:org/apache/xindice/client/corba/db/Database:1.0>, 1 profile
>>>_IIOP_ParseCDR: profile 1 is 120 bytes, tag 0 (INTERNET), BigEndian
>>>byte order
>>>(iiop.c:parse_IIOP_Profile): bo=BigEndian, version=1.2,
>>>hostname=wetzlar.multilingua.uni-hamburg.de, port=2054,
>>>(iiop.c:parse_IIOP_Profile): encoded object key is <%00OO%018?Þf÷%00%
>>>(iiop.c:parse_IIOP_Profile): non-native cinfo is
>>>object key is <#00OO#018#84#DEf#F7#00#00#00POA#FEk#8F#AF#BD>;
>>>no trustworthy most-specific-type info; unrecognized ORB;
>>>reachable with IIOP 1.2 at host "wetzlar.multilingua.uni-hamburg.de",
>>>port 2054
>>>Does that ring a bell with anyone?

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