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From Vadim Gritsenko <vadim.gritse...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: Moving from Xindice 1.0 -> 1.1
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 12:31:56 GMT
Kurt Kavanaugh wrote:

>I am a little closer.
>a) Installed ant
>b) Installed cvs
>c) did a build
>mind you all this to get a working command line tool for importing large file sets.
>A couple of question(s), for clarification sake, before proceeding.
>Embed: I assume this means I am in the same address space talking to the same VM so don't
go through the overhead
>of establishing a HTTP socket connection? Correct? 


>If correct does the -l switch, when running the xindice.bat file, which invokes the main()
in class org.apache.xindice.tools.XMLTools, I know I could continue perusing the sources and
figure this out, but alas work needs to get done, mean embedded or does it mean hey I'm local
use the loopback ip vs going out over the net?

-l switch means embedded. Make sure no other process uses the files you 
are about to operate on.

>What does the -d switch point to? Real example please.

-d ../config/system.xml
when you are in bin directory.

>And finally to the question. I am trying to import the file sets we were using in 1.0.
Note these are now out on a flat file system. So I thought I could use the same command line
invoke, but I get this...
>C:\home\kurt\xml-xindice\bin>xindice.bat import -c /db -f c:\staging\Company_A -e xml
>[DEBUG] DatabaseImpl - -Using SAX Driver: 'xerces'
>[DEBUG] DatabaseImpl - -Using Service Location: '/xindice/'
>[DEBUG] CollectionImpl - -Using URL: ''
>XMLDB Exception with code 0
>Which before would create a collection with a name of Company_A. In addition what is the
port 8888 gig? How do I specify a non standard port? Is there a connection string kind of
thingie like in ODBC/JDBC land?

-c xmldb:xindice://localhost:8888/db
Also, type "xindice" to see the help for the tool. It does explain this 


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