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From "webhiker@tiscali.fr" <webhi...@tiscali.fr>
Subject Note to Xindice developers
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 07:57:10 GMT
Hi guys,
As a skulker on this forum, I'm still learning loads about this great 
little XML db.
But am I the only one seeing alarms going off around all the trouble 
people are having with 1.1*  ?
The default cvs checkout does indeed give you 1.1b2, so regardless of 
whether it's "official" or not, this is what
the build delivery is created as, and what people will refer to it as.

My concern is the perception Xindice is getting in the developer 
community with 90% of the people not being able to start it, access it etc.
Some of the problems are for example the documentation is valid for 1.0, 
but is built into the 1.1 delivery, this silly "which port
is it running on" question etc etc etc.
Now I'm skilled and experienced enough to know this "Extreme 
programming" style of development is often how these community projects 
but there is a large risk here of destroying any chance Xindice has of 
becoming an acceptable solution to the average Joe. A bad reputation will be
immediately seized upon by the guys marketing Xperion, Oracle XML etc.

I propose some attention be paid to as quick as possible to getting an 
official, TESTED beta version built and delivered before this thing gets 
out of hand.

Just my 0.2e, thanks for a great piece of software.


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