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From showery <show...@ccs2000.cla.kobe-u.ac.jp>
Subject Question about DTD file and xmlns attribute
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2003 06:14:28 GMT
Hello all,
I am a student who begin to study Xindice in these days. I download and 
installed  the Xindice in my machine(OS is windows XP). so I begin to try.
I  download the source of www.w3c.org 's home page to use as test xml 
files. (which is named as xmlTest.xml.)  and, regist it to Xindice.by 
the following command.
    xindiceadmin ac -c /db -n sampledb
    xindiceadmin ad -c /db/sampledb -f xmlTest.xml -n test
but when I try to query it with the following command, I got nothing.
    xindiceadmin xpath -c /db/sampledb -q "//html"
(    xindiceadmin xpath -c /db/sampledb -q "//html"  coult get the whole 
I try to delete DTD defined lines and xmlns attribute, so I could get 
what I want by xpath expression. but  I could not get anything when the 
xml file include either DTD or xmlns attibute.
Did the Xindice not support DTD and xmlns attribute? or has a bug?
Thank you for your teaching.

Kind  regards,

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