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From "webhiker@tiscali.fr" <webhi...@tiscali.fr>
Subject Stress testing
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 07:49:03 GMT

I've been comparing Xindice and eXist to find out if either of them can 
handle the type of usage we require for our project.
For example, maximum number of documents in a single Collection.
Given the simple document :
<test><data attr1="att1" attr2="attr2"/></test>

Xindice 1.0 seems to run out of memory or other resources at about 200 
000, while eXist (running in Tomcat) runs out of memory and performance 
at about 50 000
I'm using default, out the box config for both DB's.
I'd appreciate any feedback on similar tests anyone else may have done.

Our project requires we be able to store approximately 500 000 
documents, little to no indexing is required.
Does anyone have any ideas of any other DB which will allow us to store 
this amount of Documents?
I was under the impression this is not an unreasonable amount of 
documents to have in  a Collection, but seems to be way off the scale for
these two DB's.

I suppose my alternative is to write a simple file-based DB which stores 
each document to disk.


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