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From "Jose Ramon Revuelta" <jrevue...@ids.com.mx>
Subject RE: Querying Xindice
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2003 16:13:07 GMT
If you are only interested in getting it work with the command line, then try this:

xindice xpath_query -c /db/data -q "/apprequest/item[@id='9991']"

If you want to run the query from a program, just create a String without the outer quotes
and the inner qutes may be single or double.

Saludos / Regards,
José Ramón

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From: Kirmse, Daniel [mailto:daniel.kirmse@sap.com]
Sent: Miércoles, 03 de Septiembre de 2003 02:33 a.m.
To: Xindice-Users (E-mail)
Subject: Querying Xindice

I have added some documents to a collection /db/data. They look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <item id="9991">

where the id has values from 9991 up to 9993. Two docs have the same id 9991. I tried to start
a xpath_query like this:

xindice xpath_query -c /db/data -q /apprequest/item[@id="9991"]

I supposed to get some kind of reply. Instead Xindice just returns to the command prompt without
saying anything. Neither it states an error or that nothing was found, nor does it provide
me the expected result: Two docs would have matched the query. Am I missing something here???


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