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From "David J. Thomson" <dthom...@eecs.tufts.edu>
Subject Collection numbers: Here's what's going on
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 20:04:45 GMT
Hello all,

First of all, I'm surprised other people haven't run into this kind of
problem. I have one collection with about 95 subcollections, each of which
has four subcollections. It kills my system after a little while because
it runs out of file descriptors. Java gives all sorts of errors about
having too many open files, after I've already increased the number to
Linux's system max of 1048576. Not only that, but on another occasion, it
somehow corrupted the database when I ran out of file descriptors, which
was making it appear as though the problem was something else. I thought
there was a concurrency problem because one of the collections was
corrupted, but it appears as though this is it. Has anyone else dealt with
this? Can I please take a poll of how many collections people have and how
many documents in each. I mean, most databases can handle hundreds of
thousands of records for tables, so I don't know what to do here.


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