i'm totally new to xindice and I'm trying to set it up together with my cocoon installation.
cocoon is installed correctly and worked. I downloaded xindice successfully from CVS, built the *.war and deployed it. when I start tomcat I get the message "INFO: Database successfuly started" - so i guess xindice is running as expected. I can also read the "UGLY DEBUG TOOL" thing and browser the database.
now, for being able to work with it, i would like to install the command line tool. however, i haven't found any useful (or detailed enough) information on how to install it on win xp.
I did everything explained at http://nagoya.apache.org/wiki/apachewiki.cgi?HowToXindice1o1bCocoon2 (the "Installing the Xindice command line tool" part).
I have a separate xindice folder outside of the webapps, (set to %XINDICE_HOME%), added %XINDICE_HOME%/bin to the %PATH% variable ... well. that's it.
if I only have bin/* , dist/*, java/lib/* and config*/ folders in there (as suggested) the "xindice" command doesn't work at all. If I copy the build folder in as well it at least gives me two action options: "start" and "debug".
but how do i tell the xindice command line tool in the external %XINDICE_HOME% folder to use the database in %TOMCAT_HOME%/webapps/xindice-1.1b2/WEB_INF/db ?? the given command there doesn't work - most likely since it's explained for linux.
well, sorry if that's newbie stuff ;) if i got anything wrong please correct me. any help is very much appreciated!!
thanx guys