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From teagu...@email.unc.edu
Subject Re: pros and cons
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 13:57:32 GMT
Hi all,
I just got in on the tail end of the conversation so excuse if this has 
already been discussed -
I have found quite a few articles, but none that really go over the pros 
and cons of both systems. I have downloaded Xindice, Exist, Berkeley XML DB 
and Tamino and plan over the next 2 months to bang on these systems quite a 
bit (I'm in grad school and using this for a project)...I'll let you all 
know if we find any other pros about the Exist system. One thing that does 
come to mind is that Exist is *supposed* to handle storage larger documents 
than Xindice, but as another person pointed out, the performance searching 
these documents could be quite slow. I did just go through the installation 
process for Exist; It was quite uneventful when running it inside of Tomcat 
(they have a .war file on the web)...but only Tomcat 4.x. I couldn't get it 
to work in 5.x.


--On Thursday, October 09, 2003 7:27 PM +1000 Terence Kearns 
<terencek@isd.canberra.edu.au> wrote:

>>> My last question: supporting XUpdate and well-integration with apache
>>> web application server are two obvious advanteges that xindice have.
>>> any other pros?
> Hey, just found out about the existance of eXist :)
> It seems that the current stable release of eXist does indeed support
> XUpdate -- haven't tried it yet.
> Also, I probably wouldn't try flying the _integration_ argument given
> that eXist can run embedded, read-only (ie. from a CD), as a conventional
> service or inside a servlet container (as does Xindice 1.1(?))
> Has anyone written an article which makes a comparrison between the two?
> That would indeed be interesting.
> --
> Terence Kearns ~ ph: +61 2 6201 5516
> IT Database/Applications Developer
> Enterprise Information Systems
> Client Services Division
> University of Canberra
> www.canberra.edu.au

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